5 tips to protect your toenails from nail fungus

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Unfortunately the nail fungal infection is not discusses much as the other diseases of the skin such as cellulite. However, it can potentially be even more harmful than the cellulite from the skin of other disease. This is because it exposes the nail and makes it open to attacks by other forms of fungal infections. The warning signs can come too abrupt. It usually starts from slight change in the coloring of the nails. This will depend on the color of the individual and the type of fungus that attacked you. This is where you need to be to tell if the color change is due to a consequence of an activity you are involved in such as fungal attack or not.

5 tips to protect your toenails from nail fungus

There are 3 types of the fungi

There are three main types of the fungi that would be result in attacks from nail fungus. These include the candidas, dermatophytes and mold non-dermatophytes. They vary in climate zone which would be dominant. For example, candida is common in tropical regions where the temperatures are higher while the dermatophytes are common in temperate zones.

Toenail fungus diagnosis

Yellow green is often the color of danger for fungal infection of the nail. It can be followed by frequent rupture of the nails and possibly a rugged and completely broken finger or toe nail. If it is not supported by the effective solution, then it can proceed to a point where they lead effectively to painful nail grooves.

This is enough evidence that you need to check yourself for the nail fungal infection. You may have to review the previous symptoms that we discussed above ether or you go to any laboratory of potassium hydroxide test which is spread on the affected nail and staining of the fungal activity observed. The confirmation of the nail fungal infection would require to be made in order to take an immediate action to stop its spread to other nails be made. This will also include the prevention of others household problems also.

An immediate remedy would be an improve to your hygiene and ventilation. This is done by having the regular cleaning of the nail, including the toes or fingers. They must be dried thoroughly to avoid providing ideal conditions for the development of the new fungal colonies.

Treatment is usually slow to reverse the condition of the nail because of the deep-rooted nature of the fungal colony. They have affected the internal vesicles and nervous system and made them impervious to drugs. Therefore the framework of treatment should include food management and the use of pharmacological products.

5 Tips to protect your toenails from the fungal infection

Fungal infection of the nails is an infection which, if it is not treated for a long time, then it can cause pain, and ultimately to a total damage of the nail that is afflicted. Fortunately, the nail fungus infection can be prevented, and here, we explore some of the ways to protect your toe nails against fungal infections of the nails.

  1. Make it a habit to wear well-ventilated shoes.
  2. Take up the habit to keep your nails well trimmed – toe and clean.
  3. Wear socks that are not too absorbent.
  4. Make a habit of keeping your own socks and change them often.
  5. Use on a regular basis – a good anti-fungal help, for example an anti-fungal spray or power. He is a very proactive step, and in as much as make you a part of your regular hygiene practice, you’d be reducing the chances of ending up with your toenail fungus considerably.

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